Name Position Term Number Term End Year

James D. King

Executive Vice Chancellor, Tennessee Board of Regents
Nashville, TN

Chair 2 2017

Al Salazar

Administrator, Home Life and Community Services, Inc.
San Antonio, TX

Immediate Past Chair 2 2017

Lois Gackenheimer

Director, Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations
Palm Beach, FL

Vice Chair 1 2019

Rob Aguis

Principal, Marchman Technical College
New Port Richey, FL

Member 1 2019

Fred Albrecht

Director/Owner, CALC Institute of Technology
Alton, IL

Member 2 2019

Michael Bouwhuis

President, Davis Applied Technology College
Kaysville, UT

Member 2 2017

James J. Brosnan

Superintendent, Northern Berkshire Vocational Regional School District
North Adams, MA

Member 1 2018

Norman Brown

Department Chair (Retired), Capital Area Technical College
Baton Rouge, LA

Member 1 2019

Robert L. Carrigan

Director – Curriculum and Instructional Standards Office, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
Patrick AFB, FL

Member 1 2019

Diane W. Culpepper

School Director, Lake Technical College
Eustis, FL

Member 2 2018

Sandy Elliott

Adult Education Manager, Wayne County Schools Career Center
Smithville, OH

Member 1 2017

Julie Ha

President, Mayfield College
Cathedral City, CA

Member 2 2017

Stephanie Houston

Superintendent, Colton Redlands Yucaipa ROP
Redlands, CA

Member 2 2019

Donna McCullough

Academic Manager, Oconaluftee Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
Cherokee, NC

Member 1 2018

Dennis Merritt

Director, Hillyard Technical Center
St. Joseph, MO

Member 1 2018

Howard W. Moore

Retired Director, Ashland State Vocational Technical School
Ashland, KY

Member 2 2019

Mae W. Perry

Director, Tennessee Technology Center at Hartsville
Hartsville, TN

Member 2 2017

John W. Rebstock

President, Beauty Schools of America
Miami, FL

Member 1 2018

Myra West

Director, Tennessee Technology Center at Livingston
Livingston, TN

Member 2 2017

Gary Puckett

Ex Officio