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Candidate for Accreditation applications may be submitted at any time during the twelve months following Candidate Academy attendance. Similarly, Substantive Change applications from accredited institutions may be submitted at any time provided the institution is not on Probation or Show Cause status or within the six-month moratorium preceding an accreditation visit.

However, if an institution would like its application to be approved at a particular Commission meeting, the application must be submitted by the 2022 deadlines listed below.

  • JAN 20 (for the March 3-4 Commission meeting)
  • APR 14 (for the June 2-3 Commission meeting)
  • AUG 4 (for the September 17-18 Commission meeting)
  • OCT 27 (for the December 13-14 Commission meeting)

Please bear in mind that students may not begin a new program or occupy a new campus or location until the Commission has granted initial approval to the application establishing the new program, campus, or location.

If you have questions about the application approval process, please contact Dr. Alex Wittig, Associate Executive Director – Compliance Division, at (800) 917-2081, ext. 202 or at [email protected].