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Accredited Institutions

Accreditation is a status of recognition that is granted to an institution which complies with the eligibility requirements, standards, procedures, and obligations adopted by the member institutions of the Council. Accreditation does not certify that every facet of an institution is of equal quality, but it does indicate that no part of the institution is so weak that the educational effectiveness of the institution as a whole and its services to students will be undermined.

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Candidate Institutions

Candidate for Accreditation is a pre-accreditation status of an institution actively seeking accreditation by the Commission. During the period of candidacy, the institution is involved in the process of self-study and planning for a team visit. Candidate status does not imply accreditation of an institution. The institution must not use its candidate status in any way to imply, publicly or privately, that candidate status with the Council denotes approval of its programs or accreditation of the institution by the Commission.