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COE: Update on 2020 COE Annual Meeting

News Sep 3


The 2020 COE Annual Meeting will take place in November as originally scheduled.  However, as with every other element of work and life, the COVID-19 outbreak necessitates extraordinary changes in the way we conduct this event.

Council staff are finalizing the details for the conversion of the Annual Meeting from a traditional, in-person event to a virtual Zoom event.

At this time, we are providing the following information to assist in planning your attendance.


If you have attended COE events in the past, you will notice that these dates span a longer time period than the traditional, in-person events we conduct.

Because of the convenience that virtual session planning allows, we have designed a schedule of workshops that eliminates most conflicts between workshops.  This allows each attendee to participate in more workshops.

Also, the schedule of the Annual Meeting week is being planned with sensitivity to time zones and takes care not to consume every minute of your workday.  The sessions will begin daily at 11:00 AM Eastern time and end at 5:30 PM Eastern time.  We think you will be pleased with the Annual Meeting schedule when it is published.

The only accepted method of payment for the registration fee will be via credit card processed through PayPal.

As soon as we finalize the meeting details, which should be within the next two weeks, we will send a membership-wide email when the Annual Meeting registration site opens.  We hope you will join us for our 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting.