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April 22, 2022

TCAT Hartsville Gets Technical About Integrity

TCAT Hartsville has brought the promise of a quality education, the potential for workplace opportunities, and the privilege of lifelong learning to individuals, businesses, and industries across five counties in northern Middle Tennessee since 1965.
February 4, 2022

TCAT McKenzie Gets Personal: A Small School with a Big Heart

“Around 40% is teaching curriculum and skill, but 60% is instilling that students are worth it and have the potential to do great things,” says Ms. Daphne Brown, Student Services Coordinator at TCAT McKenzie. As one of the smallest TCAT schools, the biggest benefits are the easy access, constant contact, and personal connection with faculty.
November 3, 2021

TCAT Livingston Adapts to Achieve a Legacy of Longevity

“A good lesson for schools is to remember and reiterate to faculty what COE accreditation is all about and how it benefits students, the institution, and the business community,” explains Ms. Myra West, President of TCAT Livingston. “COE accreditation allows you to celebrate your successes while recognizing what needs improvement.”
October 1, 2021

William R. Moore College of Technology Stands Out for Hands-On Training

At Moore Tech, education goes hand-in-hand with experience. The curriculum is focused on one-year and two-year programs in several technical fields. Along with opening the doors to education, COE recognition brings Moore Tech to the attention of industry partners who provide students with hands-on experience and, later, employment.
June 15, 2021

TCAT Morristown Believes in Learning to Be Better

TCAT Morristown strives to do more for Tennesseans by providing an abundance of opportunities to acquire the skills and training for success. This mission and its accomplishments have earned TCAT Morristown the attention of students, industry partners and COE accreditation. “COE is a friend and they’re on your side to guide you in what it takes to be a great institution,” says Mr. Jerry Young, President of TCAT Morristown.
April 26, 2021

Giving TCAT Athens the Credit it Deserves

TCAT Athens was one of 21 institutions first accredited by the newly-formed Council in 1971. “We look at COE accreditation as something that’s beneficial to us,’” explained Mr. Smith. “It helps us learn to be more efficient and come up with new initiatives that benefit our students and employers year after year.”
February 1, 2021

Suncoast Technical College Earns Its Place in the Sun

Suncoast Technical College’s commitment to helping individuals develop the technical skills and work ethic to reach their highest potential has earned the Sarasota, Florida institution the recognition and respect of COE accreditation since 1971. The school shines for its array of adult education courses, apprenticeships, and adult and community enrichment classes.
November 9, 2020

Reid State Technical College Prepares to the Nth Degree  

“Since COE is technically focused, their processes and structure are specific and relevant to what’s going on in the business and the industry,” says Dr. Boykin. “In the long run, COE saves taxpayer dollars by ensuring schools offer only quality, relevant programs that put people to work.”
September 14, 2020

A Salute to U.S. Army Ordnance School

“I am most impressed with the level of professionalism in the COE program…Their leaders not only come in to inspect an institution but provide insight and advice on best practices to help a school meet high standards of educational quality. This ensures that we are serving our students, the community and the U.S. Army.” – Jose N. Osorio, Training Specialist
March 13, 2020

Naval Medical Forces Support Command (NMFSC)

NMFSC received a certificate for 35 years of accreditation from COE. This surpasses the average of 22 years for all of COE’s accredited organizations. “We are very proud of this accomplishment! More importantly, we are very excited about the benefit that this brings to our students as they continue their life-long learning,” said Elizabeth Swatzell, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Academics, NMFSC.
December 4, 2018

The Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region

“The accreditation process made us better – it makes us examine how we look at ourselves and how we conduct business. Even employers’ associations and signatory contractors have a lot of feedback in the process. They tell us what is newly relevant in the construction industry. There is a constant upgrading of our skills, and we have to stay on top.” – Dennis McDonough, FTI
March 29, 2018

PJ’s College of Cosmetology

PJ’s College of Cosmetology, headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, educates students for exciting and rewarding careers in the beauty industry. Cosmetology, aesthetics, nail technology, and skincare as well as instructor training programs are offered at the twelve campuses located throughout Indiana and Kentucky.
October 30, 2017

The Naval Education and Training Command

What does it take to develop and maintain the most powerful naval force in the world? For one, it takes unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge technical training that transforms civilians into highly skilled, mission-ready Sailors. The education and continued professional development of many of the United States Navy’s 400,000 active duty and reserve Sailors rests on the The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC).
March 27, 2017

The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

The Tennessee Board of Regents system, the seventh largest system of higher education in the nation, consists of 46 educational institutions, 27 of which are colleges of applied technology. Spread across both urban and rural regions of Tennessee, these institutions are singularly focused on workforce development.