Council on Occupational Education’s Spring Candidate Academy Empowers Institutions on Accreditation Journey

April 5, 2024

The Council on Occupational Education (COE) recently concluded its highly anticipated Spring Candidate Academy, held on April 3-4, 2024, at the Kimpton Overland Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The event drew in a diverse group of 28 attendees from institutions ranging from Texas to overseas, all eager to delve into the intricacies of accreditation with COE.

The Spring Candidate Academy serves as a pivotal workshop aimed at enlightening postsecondary institutions about the accreditation process with COE. Throughout the two-day event, attendees were equipped with comprehensive insights into eligibility requirements, the application process for candidacy, and the subsequent steps necessary to navigate the journey toward accreditation.

COE leadership graced the event, providing invaluable expertise and guidance to the eager participants. Among the esteemed speakers were Dr. Kirk Nooks, CEO and President of COE, Dr. Kallan Williams, Associate Executive Director of Institutional Compliance, Dr. Tangela Purifoy, Assistant Executive Director of Institutional Compliance, and Cherie Jolley, Assistant Executive Director of Institutional Compliance, who collectively illuminated various aspects of the accreditation process with their profound knowledge and experience.

“COE is committed to supporting institutions on its journey towards instructional strengthening and capacity building. This is a partnership,” states an attendee emphasizing COE’s dedication to fostering collaborative relationships with educational institutions.

“The Spring Candidate Academy has been very helpful. It’s going to be robust, but you have made what was very complex more clear. A key takeaway was the emphasis on having a standard of quality and having proof of integrity. I really appreciated the overview that the CEO gave about why institutions are accredited. Now I have more clarity on the process and the importance of being accredited,” states an attendee reflecting on the enriching experience of the workshop.

Stay tuned for our Fall Candidate Academy!

Press Release – Spring Candidate Academy 2024