COE: COVID-19 Alert 9: Revisions to and Accommodations for Completion of Employer Verification Forms

January 25, 2021

COE: COVID-19 Alert 9: Revisions to and Accommodations for Completion of Employer Verification Forms

This alert addresses two important issues regarding the completion of Employer Verification Forms that are required for completion for each program on the COE approved program list.

Issue 1 – Revision to Employer Verification Form:

The Employer Verification Form is cited as a note in the Handbook of Accreditation (2020 Edition) on page 57, Standard 2, B. Programs, Criteria 9-20.

In the 2021 Edition of the Handbook which will be published in the next several weeks, the review of the elements cited in these criteria are now a function of Occupational Advisory Committees.

The wording that appeared in prior versions of the form which specified that potential employers review program requirements for admissions, content, length, objectives, competency tests, learning activities, instructional materials, equipment, method of evaluation, the skills and/or proficiency required for completion, and appropriateness of the instructional delivery method(s) for the program, has been removed.

Therefore, the Employer Verification Form (EVF) has been revised to reflect this change. The revised form is now available on the COE Website under Resources/Applications and Forms. The form now asks that potential employers specify their contact information and the entry level of remuneration for occupations ONLY. Members of the Occupational Advisory Committee may be potential employers who are qualified to complete the newly-revised EVF.

Issue 2 – Accommodation for Completion of the Employer Verification Form

The Commission met in December, 2020 during a regular session and approved a temporary accommodation for institutions concerned about collecting physical (hard) signatures for Employer Verification Forms.

Institutions may collect digital signatures from potential employers while the COVID-19 Federal Emergency remains in place.