COE Membership Dues & Fees Invoice & EdVera Progress

May 15, 2024

Over the last year, we have been working to make adjustments to support the incredible work taking place at your schools and institutions. We believe that we have listened to your feedback and have demonstrated our commitment to making our policies more relevant and our processes more helpful. As we prepare to launch our Strategic Plan in July 2024, we are excited about the next five years as we fulfill our vision to be the standard for education that works. In anticipation of the new initiatives, there are two critical information items that we would like you to note.

Dues and Fees Invoices
Your COE membership dues and fees invoices will be issued to you this week. You will notice that the format has changed as well as the options for payments. First, we have upgraded our financial software to the most recent version of QuickBooks. This updated version has been sent to your Chief Administrative Officer. However, this message is being sent to the Chief Administrative Officer and the COE Liaison. In some cases, the email address that we have on file may not be correct and will not reach the intended party. Please make an effort to route the invoice to the appropriate person in the organization. This would also be a wonderful time to log into MyCouncil to confirm that all email addresses are correct. We have received a few bounce backs from certain schools, and it is important that we be able to communicate with you. Please confirm that the email addresses for your Chief Administrative Officer and COE Liaison are accurate by May 17, 2024. If you have any questions or find any issues, please email COE at [email protected] no later than May 17, 2024.

Second, the invoices that are being sent electronically will provide you with the ability to pay via ACH. Many of you have asked for this option – and now we are pleased to offer it. As this is the first time we are using the QuickBooks platform for the invoices, please review the invoices for accuracy. In addition, the invoices reflect the new rates approved for FY 2025 by the Commission. If you have any questions or find any issues, please email COE at [email protected] no later than June 1, 2024.

EDVera (the new Accreditation Management System)
We are equally excited to announce that the new accreditation management system – EdVera – will go live on June 1. If you have ever implemented a new technology solution there is one word that describes the key to success – patience! We are aware that there may be a bump or two, but over the long run the system will provide a higher level of access and functionality. Let’s all remember to be patient during the first few months as we stand up the system and “turn on” all the functionalities.  A few informational pieces:

  1. Starting today, May 15th, the data contained in MyCouncil will be frozen. There will be no additional updates to the system since we will begin the data migration process. You will have access, but no modifications or updates will be made to MyCouncil.
  2. For the entire month of June, the new EDvera system and the existing MyCouncil system will run in parallel. This will allow you to access information from MyCouncil and also compare your new EDVera profile to ensure all the information was transferred correctly.
  3. You will gain access to the new EDVera system on June 1. Between June 1st – 18th, we are asking you to log into the system and confirm that the information related to your institution is correct. If any information requires an update, there will be a built-in update form that will allow you to submit the request to COE for review and approval.
  4. Closer to June 1, you will receive an email at the address we have on file. (As requested earlier, please make sure that your contact email information is correct in MyCouncil by May 17). To obtain your new EDvera password, you go the the EDVera website which we will provide, enter your email address, and click “Forgot my password” and one will be generated for you and sent to your email address on file.
  5. We are aware that the Team Visit Documentation Process will be adjusted for those hosting visits from May 13 – July 1. Dr. Tangela Purifoy, Associate Executive Director for Evaluation, will be communicating directly with the schools, team leaders and team members this week. If you are not hosting a visit during this time frame, please be on the lookout for additional information about how you will use the EDVera system. An on-line workshop will be provided in both cases.
  6. For those who need to submit Substantive Change applications and forms, you may continue to access the forms from our website, and submit them as appropriate, up until June 18. Following that time, we will activate our on-line forms library through EDVera and ask that you submit electronically. Dr. Kallan Williams, Associate Executive Director for Compliance, will provide additional information as we draw closer to that time.
  7. Finally, we are gathering additional information and finalizing all of the details. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document will be available by May 24th and will be shared with you via email and our website.

Again, thank you for your continued patience as we begin this technology enhancement and launch phase. We are excited about the possibilities.