William R. Moore College of Technology Stands Out for Hands-On Training

October 1, 2021

Learning from Experience

As one of America’s oldest technical institutions, William R. Moore College of Technology is part of a legacy of learning in Memphis, Tennessee. Widely known as Moore Tech, the school was named after a 19th-century entrepreneur who overcame childhood hardships to become a successful civic leader with a deep interest in giving young people the education he never knew. His final wish was for his estate to establish a namesake college that would provide technical education and training to help young people succeed. Since the school opened its doors in 1939, Mr. Moore’s dream has allowed countless students to pursue their own education.

Today at Moore Tech, education goes hand-in-hand with experience. The curriculum is focused on one-year and two-year programs in several technical fields, from Automotive Service Technology and Property Maintenance to Machining Technology and Welding. This education comes with extensive hands-on experience from the school’s many industry partners.

“We offer students programs with 60-65% hands-on experience,” says Mr. Skip Redmond, President of William R. Moore College of Technology.

“We have some great hands-on programs that work with our industry partners, such as our Automotive Service Technology program where the last term is a full-time internship at a new car dealership, as well as a Welding program taught at one of the south’s most complete welding labs.”

Affording Students Priceless Training

It is sometimes challenging to convey the importance of accreditation to new students. At Moore Tech, accreditation means having the financial means to get the technical training they need to make their professional dreams come true. While the school keeps tuition costs low and helps students with grants and funding, costs can remain a concern. Accreditation with an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education makes Moore Tech students eligible for scholarships such as the Tennessee Promise, a statewide program that provides new high school graduates with scholarships to attend an accredited technical or community college. This state funding helps cover the tuition fees not covered by other assistance.

“If we weren’t a COE-accredited school, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to offer the Tennessee Promise,” explains Mr. Redmond. “Most of our students are first-generation college students and this assistance makes this possible.”

A Path to Success

Today, the legacy of William R. Moore continues to come to life to improve the lives of many through the distinction of COE accreditation. Along with opening the doors to education, COE recognition brings Moore Tech to the attention of industry partners who provide students with hands-on experience and, later, employment.

“COE accreditation is an important part of making your school viable,” says Mr. Redmond. “It shows that you’re providing a quality education.”

Celebrating 50 Years of Accreditation: A Remarkable Achievement

William R. Moore College of Technology was one of 21 institutions first accredited by the newly-formed Council in 1971. Throughout the last 50 years, the institution conducted no less than eight self-studies and hosted many visits to ensure compliance with the standards of accreditation at intervals averaging every six years. Notably, throughout the last half-century, Moore Tech consistently maintained its ‘good standing’ status with the Council, having never been placed on any type of restrictive violation status which would call into question the quality and integrity of its administration, operations, or programs. This solid reputation and well-documented compliance with standards that ensure quality and integrity in career and technical education is truly a remarkable achievement.